Naka: 5/6 yo female – ADOPTED

Naka was rescued November 2016 from living in the streets with a badly injured eye which had to be removed. She’s calm, loving, and adjusting well to life inside of a home. More information below from her foster mom:

“We picked up Naka from the vet just before the Christmas holidays really kicked off! Our two resident Salukis, while cautious were not territorial, and the fact that she was not reactive helped. She was calm as she tootled about the house while the other two trailed her. The only growls happening when toys or beds were approached! She has dealt with a house full of people, dogs, trees and present with aplomb and grace. Only once trying to get the Christmas lunch before the humans! She loves her food and is learning to wait in turn to be fed and has joined Noor on the kitchen rug, waiting for her treat or food as we cook. She likes her own space and has made her way through all the dog beds, finally deciding the comfy dog chair is for her! She has not ventured upstairs at all and seems happy to stay down on her bed. On our walks, she was nervous at first with the traffic, probably because her peripheral vision is off due to losing an eye. But with soft words and treats, this is improving. She loves her walks along the Jumeirah beachfront, watching the birds and waves. Naka is happy to meet other dogs and humans, both small and big and is not reactive at all. Over the last few days she has started to speak to us, so a lovely woof in the morning as we get ready to walk and the same at tea time. She has explored the toy box as well and is learning to play. This morning she was running around wanting to play.”

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