About the Breed

Below are some links to very useful information about the Saluki breed. However, as important as standard breed information is, we also feel some background information is equally valuable before deciding to adopt a rescued Saluki.

In the UAE and surrounding region, Salukis are often used for racing or hunting. Some are used to ‘guard’ livestock and often tied, on a short chain, to a pole. It’s not unusual for a Saluki in that region to be rescued from unfortunate circumstances, found roaming in the desert alone, or hiding among cars and dumpsters hoping to find food. People are sometimes not kind and the rescued dogs are occasionally scared, lacking trust, or injured.

Because Salukis are so incredibly loyal and genuinely bond with their trusted human, they often overcome their negative encounters with ease. Some take more time than others to trust, but they are very intuitive and immediately understand genuine kindness.

Salukis are not an aggressive breed at all. However, they are sighthounds. Rarely can they be fully trusted off lead and they have the ability to jump — very high. They hunt by vision and not smell, therefore, if they spot a squirrel in the distance, they will chase it. Their recall isn’t the best as they are quite independent. Consistency and an understanding of the breed can play a significant role in bonding with your rescued Saluki and overcoming any behavior issues.

Many of our rescued Salukis have never lived inside of a home. While the rescuers always make every effort to place the dogs in foster homes, this isn’t always possible. Remember, your home might be the first one your rescued Saluki experiences. Be patient.

Finally, Salukis are incredibly sensitive. Training should be gentle and consistent. Yelling, hitting, or harsh punishments are inappropriate for any pet, but this is the least effective training method for a Saluki. Keep in mind, they trust you and they’re very intuitive. They easily get their feelings hurt and their trust is easily broken. Again, patience is key.

If you’re looking for a dog to do tricks and play fetch with, a Saluki might not be for you. But, if you’re looking for a loyal running buddy who thinks you’re the most important thing on earth then a Saluki might just be your dog.

Please adopt, don’t shop.

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